ELI – Environmental Learning Illustrated – Kick off meeting in Glasgow

The first meeting in the project Environmental Learning Illustrated – ELI was held in Glasgow on 5th – 6th December 2017.

The project ELI is linked with the European Union’s commitment “Healthy and Sustainable Enviroment for Present and Future Generations” (European Commission paper, 2014) and an international commitment to protecting natural habitats and biodiversity, but also tackling other environmental problems, including the reduction in carbon emission as reflected in the so-called 2015 Paris Agreement, with the need to develop comprehensive education programmes that address the mentioned needs.

Partnership will create an e-learning programme on climate change and other environmental problems with illustrations and graphic designs to explain key concepts and activities of the e-learning programme, so to increase the learning success of the participants, as well as reach out to more people who do not necessarily have a scientific background in the explained topics. By adding a graphic novel to the programme, partners target to interest a larger audience, apart from those formally taking the course. The novel will be available for free download on the project platform. We hope that a lighter read on environmental issues will encourage more people to become interested in the project. It will include recommended actions on environmental topics and advice what influence humans have on the environment.

The meeting was professionally prepared and conducted by the coordinator from The Surefoot Effect. It was attended by all representatives of partner organizations from: Austria, Italy, Scotland and Poland. Participants divided tasks in the project and special attention was paid to the dissemination of results.