The ELI project team is very happy to announce the winner of the project’s call for artists! It was hard to pick just one among the many submissions—thanks to all participants!

Carys Boughton‘s submission strongy reflects the project team‘s vision of ELI and the world this character lives in. In addition to this, Carys showed personal interest and engagement in the project.

Click here to download Carys Boughton’s portfolio.

ELI – Environmental Learning Illustrated – Kick off meeting in Glasgow

The first meeting in the project Environmental Learning Illustrated – ELI was held in Glasgow on 5th – 6th December 2017.

The project ELI is linked with the European Union’s commitment “Healthy and Sustainable Enviroment for Present and Future Generations” (European Commission paper, 2014) and an international commitment to protecting natural habitats and biodiversity, but also tackling other environmental problems, including the reduction in carbon emission as reflected in the so-called 2015 Paris Agreement, with the need to develop comprehensive education programmes that address the mentioned needs.
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