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The Surefoot Effect from the UK, Volontariato Torino from Italy, the Centre for Education and Entrepreneurship Support (CWEP) from Poland, and E.N.T.E.R Network from Austria secured a funding for an Erasmus+ 2-year project with a focus on communicating aspects about climate change and other environmental issues at the local, national, European and international levels.

The first part of the project created an interactive online platform where participants are able to learn about different topics related to the deterioration of the global environments. These include basic knowledge about climate change and other environmental problems, as well as potential solutions to these issues based on some of the outcomes of the Intellectual Outputs of the Erasmus+ project ‘A Tale of Two Futures’ (www.tales2futures.eu). Climate justice, environmental ethics, and corporate social responsibility are also part of the curriculum.

The second part of the project illustrated the main themes covered in the platform with the aid of 50 stills and a 20-page graphic novel created by European artists. We are using these visual components as a dissemination tool. This fun and innovative format might make it easier for participants of the programme to learn core themes, especially for those without a scientific background of the subject.

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The story of Eli

We are excited to present THE STORY OF ELI! Follow our hero Eli as she discovers a way to establish a new civilisation founded on principals of environmental sustainability. You can access the graphic novel here: www.illustrated-climate.eu/novel. Eli’s story was brought to life by artist Carys Boughton.

ELI – Environmental Learning Illustrated – Kick off meeting in Glasgow

The first meeting in the project Environmental Learning Illustrated – ELI was held in Glasgow on 5th – 6th December 2017. The project ELI is linked with the European Union’s commitment “Healthy and Sustainable Enviroment for Present and Future Generations” (European Commission paper, 2014) and an international commitment to protecting natural habitats and biodiversity, but … Continue reading ELI – Environmental Learning Illustrated – Kick off meeting in Glasgow

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